Eileen Dorsey Studio

Hours: Most Friday’s 12-4, every third Friday 5-9 and by appointment


The Eileen Dorsey Studio is located inside the 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, OH.  Every Third Friday of the month between 5-9pm, the 60+ creative spaces open their doors to the public for a free art walk.  This event brings in crowds in the thousands and includes live music, food trucks, and plenty of art.


Artist Statement

Landscapes are my vehicle for expressing texture and color, punctuated with aggressive and expressive painting techniques. With a palette that changes for each painting, I make a point to challenge myself with color combinations.

The textures of these works are a combination of techniques. The oil paint is manipulated with a palette knife and slathered, tossed, and scraped across the canvas. In some pieces layers of the paint are removed by applying pieces of paper or canvas to the wet paintings. This gives the work a soft overall effect.

Choosing what color to begin with is one of the more important decisions in my process. I do not rely on truly realistic colors to create a painting.  The first color down, the sky or the mid-tone of the background, tends to decide the palette of the piece.  The rest of the work is determined by subconscious decisions.

These works are a new challenge for me as a painter, not only in the texture and color of these paintings, but also in the composition. I place elements in the foreground to create a more dynamic composition. My paintings read more as expressions of a scene rather than an actual place.


Make sure to visit my Facebook page for more info about my work and projects I am involved in.  www.facebook.com/eileendorseystudio


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Eileen’s studio is located in the 78th Street Studios Artist Galleries and Studios.